TeamTalk - How it Started

What is TeamTalk?
TeamTalk is a communication platform for business use. It's an alternative to cell phones that is more affordable and easier to use. Instantly connect to one, many of, or all the people in your organization. TeamTalk combines the utility of two-way radios with the convenience and availability of other devices. Stay in touch with the crew on the job site, the salesperson on the road and the dispatcher in the office, all at the same time. Whether on a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a two-way radio, TeamTalk can connect your people!

Benefits of Two-Way Radio
Two-way radios have been around since 1937 and the technology hasn't changed much. New wireless communication devices have been birthed and developed since, but the original concept still holds-true for these reasons:

1. Communication is IMMEDIATE with the push of a button. Time isn’t wasted looking at screens or dialling. Critical communication that needs to occur immediately is accomplished via radio better than any other method.

2. Radio is ONE TO MANY rather than just one to one. This keep everyone in the loop, rather than having silos of information not being shared with the team. 

3. Radio is SAFE and its LEGAL – grabbing a microphone and pushing-to-talk won't take your eyes off the road or from a critical operation. Mobile communications can be accomplished in a safe and legal manner, eliminating the distracted driving risks that cellular phones pose.

4. Radio is very COST EFFECTIVE – The equipment can be purchased as a one time capital expenditure or can be put into your operating budget through financing options. Either way it’s economical, easy to budget and there are no surprise contract overages.

How it Started

Omega Communications has been in the wireless business for over 45 years. They have supplied and supported many industries, expanded their offerings and gained knowledge and expertise along the way. A common shortfall of conventional two-way radio is the limit in range, or lack of coverage. This is particularly evident in mountainous landscapes like British Columbia. As soon as an employee leaves town, they are out of reach. Infrastructure costs are too expensive for most businesses to justify.

Omega created TeamTalk as a result of the new cellular technology merging with conventional two-way radio. PoC, or Push-to-Talk over Celluar, is the ability to connect durable, single-purpose devices like radios over the wide-area networks that exist for smartphones. These 3G or LTE networks give two-way radios access to be used nearly anywhere in the country, at a much lower monthly cost. 

Send us a message here, or give us a call at 250-860-8016. We would be happy to discuss if there's a fit for your business- Give it a try for free!

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