A Pleasant Day at the SICA Golf Tournament 2023

The weather was exceptionally pleasant, the golf course was beautifully maintained, and the Sunset Ranch Golf Course did an excellent job hosting the 2023 Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) Golf Tournament.

As sponsors of one of the golf holes, we had the privilege of participating in this
enjoyable day of golf, networking, and introducing our product, TeamTalk, as a wireless communication solution tailored to the construction industry.

Wonderful Weather and a Pristine Golf Course

One of the first things that struck us about the day was the lovely weather. The sun was shining, and the skies were clear, creating an ideal setting for a day of golf. This favorable weather made the event even more enjoyable.

The Sunset Ranch Golf Course was impeccably maintained, with lush fairways and well-kept greens. This made for an enjoyable and challenging golf course for all participants. We appreciated the effort put
into keeping the course in such great condition.

A Gracious Host and Delicious Food

Sunset Ranch Golf Course did a commendable job hosting the tournament. Their staff welcomed us warmly, and the event was well-organized, ensuring that everyone had a pleasant experience. They provided excellent amenities and services that met the needs of both golfers and sponsors.

The catering at the tournament was delightful, offering a variety of delicious dishes throughout the day. It was a culinary experience that complemented the day's activities perfectly.

Networking and Building Connections

Being sponsors of the golf tournament allowed us to connect with a diverse group of individuals from the construction industry. We had the opportunity to engage with fellow sponsors, construction professionals, and members of the SICA, fostering connections and building relationships within the

These interactions provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by those in the construction sector. Effective communication on construction sites remained a common concern. This provided us with an opportunity to introduce TeamTalk, our wireless communication solution tailored to the industry.

Showcasing TeamTalk

During the tournament, we set up a booth near our sponsored golf hole to showcase TeamTalk. Our
team was on hand to provide demonstrations, answer questions, and discuss how our solution can enhance communication, safety, and efficiency on construction sites.
TeamTalk Table
We were pleased to see the interest and curiosity generated by TeamTalk. Many participants recognized its potential to address communication challenges on construction sites. It was gratifying to witness how TeamTalk resonated with professionals in the construction industry.

The SICA Golf Tournament for 2023 was a memorable event, thanks to the favorable weather, the well-maintained Sunset Ranch Golf Course, the efficient organization by the event hosts, the delightful food, and the opportunity to connect with industry peers. Sponsoring a golf hole allowed us to introduce TeamTalk as a solution for wireless communication, and the positive feedback we received was
encouraging. As we reflect on this enjoyable day, we are appreciative of the experience and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation in the construction industry. The SICA Golf Tournament provided a platform to further our mission of improving communication on construction sites, and we are excited
about the possibilities that lie ahead. Until next year's tournament, we remain committed to working towards a brighter, more connected future for construction professionals.

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