Customer Spotlight Case Study - Big Jay Express

Customer Spotlight Case Study - Big Jay Express

About The Company
Big Jay Express has been in the transport business for over 20 years. They service the South Okanagan with a variety of delivery options. Both commercial & residential transport, including same-day delivery to common places like Summerland, Penticton, OK Falls & more. They are a passionate small business that has a strong emphasis on customer service.

The Communication Problem
Big Jay Express had been using conventional two-way radios for their transport of goods across the Okanagan for many years. It helped them operate efficiently and smoothly by being able to communicate to all mobile workers simultaneously. Adding additional pick-ups, rerouting deliveries to avoid traffic delays, and conveying weather warnings are some great examples of this.

The technology is straight-forward and effective, but it does have some drawbacks. The most notable issues are related to coverage. The conventional two-way radio can't communicate far enough to suit the needs of most service businesses, and Big Jay was always affected by this. Basic in-vehicle radios are typically usable within one city, but are unable to travel any farther without the use of expensive infrastructure in place. The problem gets even worse when trying to connect portable or handheld radios into the mix, (for admin staff throughout the office as an example).

The TeamTalk Communication Solution

TeamTalk is able to solve this coverage issue through the use of cellular technology. By connecting to existing cell sites, the TeamTalk communication platform gives coverage far and wide- all the way across Canada in fact. We reached out to Big Jay Express knowing that TeamTalk had the potential to improve their communication flow better than their conventional two-way radios. 

Another useful benefit that Big Jay Express was able to take advantage of by switching to TeamTalk, was the ability to use a communication device while operating a motor vehicle. As we all know, the use of cell phones behind the wheel is illegal, and the fines are big. This coupled with the risk of an accident causing serious injury, means driver's are better off putting the phone down. 


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